Sunday, 1 December 2013

EXPOSED -Illuminati control the rainbows

“After chemtrails the evil Illuminati (bankers, politicians, rappers, alien, and reptiles) take over our RAINBOWS” – who will stop them?
It all started with the song “(Somewhere) over the rainbow”. On the 7th of October 1938 the Illuminati princess Judy Garland recorded this song on the Illuminati MGM soundstages and it was one of the most successful songs in the music history and appeared in the Illuminati movie “The Wizard of OZ”, a truly satanic film with thousands of proves for a New World Order (NWO) and Satanism. 7th of October 1938… doesn’t it say it all? Just add 7+10+1+9+3+8 and you get 38. See? If you just add 628 … what do you get? Exactly: 666. Satan is everywhere.

…And one of Lucifer’s helpers is the all-evil frog, an amphibian, which only differs from reptiles (ohoh!) in that they lack scales and return to water to breed. Otherwise they are like reptilians… and they are poisonous…ok… some of them at least.
Now take a look at the rainbow colors. First we pick YELLOW. This rainbow color is made of the poison of Dendrobates leucomelas (the yellow banded poison dart frog), which is secreted from their skin. Second: RED. This is made from the red-backed poison frog (Ranitomeya reticulate). Third: BLUE. And of course another frog: the blue poison frog. Now mix these three toxins with Agent ORANGE (another ohohoh!), African VIOLETs and the venom of the Eastern INDIGO Snake. Wow. Now add GREEN potatoes and to strengthen the “RED” just add the blood of an Executive of the Illuminati organization “Red Cross” and some red food dye… and the satanic mixture is ready. (OK, sometimes they add a little bit of blue-green algae).
Now we come to the Illuminati signs: In some places (for example “the Earth”) the rainbow represents “Peace-movements” and/or Gay and Lesbian communities. Isn’t it the most amazing distraction? And don’t forget Hopsin’s “Nocturnal Rainbow”… See? Rapper, instruments of the Illuminati, and on top of it: nocturnal… what a satanic word.
But we exposed the Illuminati, who made one huge mistake: They told children and adults that at the end of a rainbow you will find a treasure. But Mr. Rothschild was of course too stingy to put some of his money there. With our intensive research we found out that there is no treasure whatsoever! OK… Elvira Wüppelmann once found an old shoe at the end of a rainbow, but we believe that this does not count.
Next time we will educate you about “Satan and banana peel”.

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