Saturday, 20 July 2013


When you have travelled the world you think you know it all. But lots of surprises are still waiting for you. Of course it is impossible to beat the Portuguese when it comes to the table of the worst drivers in the world… but that´s before you go to Peru!
Not only do the Peruvians drive careless and concentrate more on the beeping than the driving, but if you are a pedestrian, you are already close to death. If you see a big enough gap to cross the street, please cross the street. Please! Listen to me! But if you are at the traffic lights and are stupid enough to wait for the green light which clearly shows you that you can cross, please DON´T!
Most Peruvians don´t do it… and they have a very good reason. Cars are approaching you from everywhere and the drivers do not care if they drive through a red light or if you have the green crossing light. They even target you and increase their speed. Some sources told me that the drivers receive bonus points for hitting pedestrians. Of course this was never officially confirmed, but it seems to be the truth. Hitting an old age pensioner? 1000 bonus points. Hitting a child? Still 500 points. Hitting a tourist? Well, only 100 points unless it was one of these long haired, rucksack carrying and Birkenstock wearing hippies…this would lead to 250 points.
The police? Interesting point. They are just there to watch and smile…either you get hit by a car (which happens all the time) or if you are being robbed. They will never interfere. The only time when police gets involved is when THEY want to rob you. Tourist in rented cars are their easiest target. You haven’t done anything wrong, but they invent something, wave with dangerous weapons and ask for 100 Dollars or so. If you refuse to pay, you might get some time to enjoy in a police cell and get abused. And if you ask for a receipt for the 100 Dollars, you will just be laughed at.
So, if you go to Lima, don’t walk and don’t drive. Take a taxi. Arrange the price with the driver beforehand, because they don’t use meters. Whatever price the taxista mention… just offer half of it and both will be happy. And you will witness in a kind of first-hand experience how enjoyable it is to hit pedestrians, while the driver is calling his girlfriend on his cellphone and waves with the other hand to a policeman, who waves back in a friendly manner, because he just received 100 Dollars from a tourist in a rented car (before he, the tourist, was hit by a car while crossing the road at a green traffic light).

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